Top 5 Websites for Seniors

Top 5 Websites for Seniors

 1.  Amazon

Top 5 Websites for Seniors

While shopping online can be very overwhelming for even the youngest of adults – there is one simple draw – deals!  Amazon offers the most competitive prices – even on groceries and you can almost always find exactly what you are looking for.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will find that you get even better deals PLUS Free 2-day shipping.  The free shipping alone can add up to a world of savings!  You just buy your normal household items and save the time and gas money!  This is GREAT for Seniors since so many have a fixed income!  My grandmother loves Amazon.  What’s amazing is they even let your try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days so you can see if you really like it before you buy a year of the service!

*CLICK HERE for a Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial*

2.  MedicarePlansNow

Top 5 Websites for Seniors

If you are over 64 years old – you need to visit this web site.  MedicarePlansNow helps you find the lowest price and best Medicare plan for you.  You can compare prices from the best insurance carriers.  Another thing you can do, is get quotes using a simple, one-page form.  This will let you gain access to agents that can help you choose the best plan for you.  This is why I have chosen this to be one of the Top 5 Websites for Seniors!

3.  Christian Cafe

Not all seniors are still married.  Many are windows, widowers, divorced or just haven’t found a special someone yet for their life.  ChristianCafe is a fantastic tool and offers a great way to dip your toe into internet dating.  This is a Christian owned and operating company that shares your Christian values and faith.  They have successfully matched up over 25,000 couples to date that have actually gotten married!  Maybe you aren’t looking for marriage?  It’s still a great way to meet friends with the same interests as you!  You are in the late part of your life – you don’t need to be alone!  Have fun!  They offer a free trial and right now there is a $40 discount off of the yearly price!  This is a GREAT time to try them out!  Just CLICK HERE to give them a try!

4.  The Senior List

Top 5 Websites for Seniors

This website is a fantastic resource for all things related to being a Senior!  They have fabulous articles on things such at the 2017 List of Senior Discounts for Restaurants!  There are just far too many helpful articles to mention here but I HIGHLY recommend this website.  I would actually recommend you bookmark it and check it regularly.  I was quite impressed by The Senior List!  You may CLICK HERE to check them out!

5.  Best for Senior

Top 5 Websites for Seniors

This web site is a newer website that features great articles on how Seniors can get more for their money!  Featuring articles like “Best Diet for Seniors to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight” and “Why Every Senior Citizen Should Get Amazon Prime“.  You can learn ways to save money traveling and much more!


The bottom line here is that the Internet can be a confusing place but one thing is for sure, you don’t need to feel so afraid of it that you don’t fully utilize it.  Yes, there are scams out there and you should be careful, but don’t be so careful that you miss out on the great deals and especially the convenience of it all!  Don’t let the Internet intimidate you!  Take control and save that money for fun!

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