George Michael Death Ruled Natural Causes – UK Coroner

George Michael Death: Natural Causes

London – George Michael death has been ruled to be the direct result of natural causes.  He was found to have a fatty liver and heart disease.  Senior coroner for Oxfordshire, Darren Salter, stated that in a post-mortem coroner’s examination, the beloved singer lost his life due to “dilated cardiomyopathy with Myocarditis and Fatty Liver.”

George Michael Death Ruled Natural Causes

When someone experiences dilated cardiomyopathy, their heart is limited in it’s ability to pump blood.  Myocarditis is, be definition, inflammation of the heart muscle.

Fatty liver develops when a person’s body has created too much fat or was unable to metabolize fat at a quick enough pace.  The liver then stores the extra fat in liver cells.  This is not usually directly caused by eating a diet high in fat.  The most common causes of fatty liver are alcoholism, obesity, high levels of fat in the blood, diabetes, genetic inheritance, rapid weight loss or as a side effect of medications such as aspirin, steroids, Tetracycline or Tamoxifen.

George Michael passed away in his home in South England in Oxfordshire County on December 25, 2016 at the young age of 53.  The original autopsy failed to show his cause of death since he had passed away of natural causes.  There are no plans for any further investigation.

George Michael Death Ruled Natural Causes

Music Career

George Michael became famous by fronting a band entitled, “WHAM!” in the 1980s.  He was an instant heart throb, reaching #1 in the UK with their first album in 1983 and was even on the original Band Aid album with the song, “Do They Know it’s Christmas”.  Mr. Michael also recorded his Christmas hit, “Last Christmas”, of which all proceeds were donated!

In 1987, Mr. Michael perfomed with Aretha Franklin as a duet in the song, “I Knew You Were Waiting”.  He then released his first solo album late in the same year – catapulting him to super-stardom with songs like “Faith”, “I Want Your Sex”, “One More Try” (my personal favorite), and “Father Figure”.

He released 5 solo studio albums.  Up until having passed away, George Michael sold more than 115 million records worldwide, solidifying him as one of the best selling musical artists of all time.


Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, “George Michael”, was an English singer, record producer, songwriter and extremely generous, yet humble philanthropist.  He donated free concerts to nurses and pledged all of the profits of the song, “Jesus to a Child”, to Childline.  This resulted in 100s of thousand of children being helped with the millions that were donated.  There are continuous stories pouring in from around the world and the United Kingdom of instances in which Mr. Michael went above and beyond with his love for people and financial help he provided.  These stories never really were often publicized until his passing.

George Michael Death Ruled Natural Causes


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