Love is All You Need Movie Review

Love is All You Need Movie Review 

Love Is All You Need (released 11/16/2016)….Can you imagine a backwards-type society where the so-called “norm” is the opposite from what we all know? A world where heterosexuality is seen as wrong?! Children either have two dads or two moms, and a family that has a mother and a father is considered strange?!

Love Is All You Need Movie Review


Well, this movie, entitled Love is All You Need?, shows us exactly what that kind of world would be like. This movie is based off of a 20-minute long short film that was made back in 2011 with the same title and writer, Kim Rocco Shields. There are super talented actors featured in the movie, including Tyler Blackburn, Briana Evigan, Kyla Kenedy, Elizabeth Röhm, and many more! Really an amazing remake!


We follow the lives of a few teenagers dealing with their sexual orientation and how everyone else sees them because of it. Among all their homosexual friends, these teens feel like their heterosexual tendencies are wrong. Unfortunately, mostly everyone else in their society are not of much help. Röhm plays their very harsh and punitive reverend, whom they sadly all look up to.

Love is All You Need 2016 Movie Review

So, when the super popular and talented football player Jude Klein (Briana Evigan) starts falling for one of her male classmates, she is at a loss for what to do. Also, another younger student is going through a similar situation. We see the struggles of these teens up close and personal, especially when word spreads throughout their school. Things really take an awful turn, and we see bullying at its worst. There are definitely some scenes that are not meant for the faint of heart. Love is All you Need? is meant to teach us a lesson, and so it really doesn’t hold anything back. The heart wrenching movie does a very good job at this, as well as at showing us all a new way of thinking and seeing things. Zoey-Valuated

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